Monday, July 10, 2006

Warmageddon Monday

Did you check out the Warmageddon strip today?
If not then why not? Today marked the 4th strip so get in on the ground floor.

Today was a Warmageddon day. Today I ...
1) lettered 5 more pages of The Golden Egg (the next Asar story)
2) stopped by the post office to grab the contract from the next Warmageddon artist. He will be working on new Asar stories
3) received strip #21 via email today
4) lettered and uploaded strips 19-21
5) uploaded new art to the Warmageddon art gallery

In addition to all that I managed to read up to issue 6 in the Kamandi archives. Only 5 more issues before I move unto to Burroughs's Martian stories and the stack of comics, I sat aside to read. The stack is about 1/4 a short box so I'll plow through those in maybe a week's time.

That's it for today. I'm a little late on the update because, I was watching Leno.

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