Sunday, August 31, 2008

Work in Progress: Warmageddon Tarot the Devil

I was lucky enough to get the ever talented Drew Moss to contribute to the Warmageddon Tarot set. Drew is an artist that has grown leaps and bounds over the years and I'm very happy to work with him on anything.

The commissioned piece is the Devil card. This called for a devil, a throne, a nude male and a a nude female. Since this image was to be available to the general public, Drew was instructed to the cover up the nude figures. Instead of a throne, we place our devil (Kri'lang the Executioner) on a dragon. The Image below is what Drew turned in, penciled traditionally with digital inks. The original pencil art will be on sale at some point at

I will be coloring this and hopefully it will be completed in time to be available for the Baltimore Comicon. As I color this, I will upload it in steps. Below is the first stage. This is basically all the flats with the rock platform rendered.

Stage 2 include the 2 human figures rendered.

With Stage 3, I'm playing around with the colors, trying to find the right color for the dragon and the background. I'm not totally committed to this color scheme, but it will do for now. The mouth and head of the dragon have been fully rendered.

This all for now, check back with me. The next updates will focus solely on one image.