Saturday, July 08, 2006

Busy Saturday

Weekends are usually slow. I usually sit back and watch a He-Man DVD or something. However, today I had to flat some pages for the BloodRayne comic published by Digital Webbing and latter 3 strips for the Warmageddon comic strip.

What is flatting a page?
Flatting is basically taken the finished lineart for a comic book page that is to be colored and separating by color each element that needs to be colored. This usually takes me about an hour and a half if I'm wrangling with the kids or about 45 minutes to an hour with no distractions. When flatting I try to get 2-3 pages done before noon. One page during the day when the kids are more active and another 2-3 pages after the girls hit the sack. Flatting makes for really long days (as it is boring and tedious work), but the girls like watching it. You can tell if the girls are watching by the the amount of red and pink that appear in the flats. At night, I just stick in any colors (the colors you use don't matter when flatting), and they tend to stay green, brown and blue, but the girls request red and pink so I use a lot of those colors when the girls are about.

A finished flat is nothing exciting. It's just the colors without the lines. But the first one is with the girls watching. The other is without the girls. See how the colors are different? These are 2pages 4 and 5 from a Fist of Justice story.

With the Warmageddon strip, I letter it, upload it to the server and try to keep it on schedule. It's a strip that updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so that means every weekend, I should have 3 strips to letter. Monday starts the second week of the strip and I have uploaded all the strips through the end of week six, so we are about a month ahead. In addition, we have a month worth of filler strips and I received the first strip for week 7 on the 5th. That seems to be chugging along nicely, now we just need to get an audience for the strip so it generates money for us all (Richard Nelson, Jon St. John and I). If you are reading this you should stop rerading right now and go check it out.

That's it for now, time to feed the munchkins .... again.

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