Friday, July 07, 2006

FF/ Iron Man : Big In Japan

With story by Zeb Wells and art by the late Seth Fisher, FF/ Iron Man: Big in Japan is a fun romp with the FF and Iron Man in Japan complete with oodles of big monster and the gigantically huge Apocalypse Beast. As it is, the story is basic superhero fare. The heroes join together to stop the beast who will end the world. What makes this book radically different from those that come before it, is that the creators embrace the absurd and run with it. I've been meaning to checkout the work of Seth Fisher since I first saw the cover to the Green Lantern: Willworld hardcover. Unfortunately, it took his death to really make me look into his work. I enjoyed this 4 issue FF mini series and will be hunting down Seth's other comic book contributions.

And yes I did read this after posting my first blog post. Right now I'm looking for something to start before going to bed. My usual night ritual involves the Tonight Show, but all this week it's been reruns after Wimbledon highlights. With no Leno I've been reading more before going to bed. Up next is Kamandi Volume 1 (Archive Edition) after I finish this then I'll dive into Burroughs's Princess of Mars.

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