Sunday, July 16, 2006

Harry Harrison's Eden Trilogy

I finished up Kamandi a couple nights ago and decided to jump into a prose novel. The novel of choice was Return to Eden by Harry Harrison. I was first introduced to the Eden Saga in 1992 with West of Eden and Winter in Eden. Some point in the last year, I bought all three books off Amazon and read WoE and WiE again. It wasn't until I started reading Return to Eden that I realized that I never finished the series. So now, I'm finishing it.

For those that haven't heard of the series ... The basic concept is what if the dinosaurs did not become extinct. That line of reasoning is followed to the point of the creation of a race of man like lizards (Yílane) that rule the Old World while humans (Tanu) rule the New World. The Yílane comtoot the new world because the Old World is becoming too cold and thus the 2 species meet and go to war. At the beginning of RoE they have reached a truce of sorts. It's an interesting series of novels.

The reason that I picked up the books again was that I was planning to use the Yílane as a base for the Warmageddon bwangs. Now I don't think I will, but I have some other ideas brewing. Right now, I'm 1/2 way through RoE and then I will being catchrch up on some comic reading before hitting the Martian books. I vaguely remember having the Marvel John Carter comic series, so maybe I'll search those out as well (if I still have them).

On the Warmageddon front, I've finished lettering the Asar story for issue #3 and have begun to work on the cover colors. Caio has finished pencilled one page from the Adventure on Roc Island. So that's about it.

Currently, I working on a shopping cart for a new site. This is the first shopping cart that I've built in about 3 years, but everything seems to be flowing well. I've finished the addign to cart and editing/ removing items in the cart functions. Next will be the user login part and address information. I hope to get through that by tomorrow. Time to hit the sack and get another small bit of reading done.

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