Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Working status....

Let's see how much progress. I have made.

I'm down to 4 pages to flat from Digital Webbing's BloodRayne comic.

I down to 2 pages to color for an Image submission.

I have 14 pages to script and letter for the next issue of Warmageddon Quarterly.
Still waiting for the high resolution scans for the the last 9 pages, but I have a good idea of what to write.

I still have 1 commision to color.

I have 12 pages to letter for another Small Press Idol submission (Badland Taxi).
Waiting on the pages which should be in soon.

I have 3 new Warmageddon online comic strips to letter and color.
I'm waiting to finish everything else, so will probably get to this over the weekend.

So I'm slowly but surely getting stuff done.
Now I'm off to pay for car insurance.

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