Thursday, September 28, 2006

Staus Update #2

I'm down to 4 pages to flat from Digital Webbing's BloodRayne comic.

I down to 1 panel to color on the Image submission.

I have 14 pages to script and letter for the next issue of Warmageddon Quarterly.
I now have another page, but I've decided to add gray tones to this story, so that adds some extra work.

I still have 1 commision to color.

I have 12 pages to letter for another Small Press Idol submission (Badland Taxi). These pages should be in either tomorrow or Saturday.

I have 3 new Warmageddon online comic strips to letter and color.
I'm waiting to finish everything else, so will probably get to this over the weekend.

And I did pay for the car insurance, yesterday.

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