Thursday, November 02, 2006

Zombie King Page #3 : Step 1

Over the next few weeks, I will be working almost exclusively on Warmageddon stories. With those stories I will be inking, lettering and adding gray tones (grayscaling). The 2 stories are drawn in 2 radically different styles so I thought I would chronicle my work on one page from each story from beginning to end. First up is the Zombie King.

The art for Zombie King is drawn by Grant Perkins (Paradox). Below are the pencils from page 3 of the story. Zombie King was written by Richard Nelson.

Grant has a geometrical drawing style that uses consistent line weights. I've decided to do all my work on this story in Adobe Illustrator. The usual work flow on a page is writing, pencilling, inking, grayscales and lettering. Since I'm working solely in Illustrator and doing all the latter work myself, I've decide to change the work flow to lettering, inking, and then grayscales. Why? Mainly because I can. It really doesn't save any time, but it allow me to get all the lettering out of the way first. So below you can see, the page above with just the lettering and panel borders.

In lettering the page above I used Comicraft fonts. Those font were Astronauts in Trouble (for the captions) and Fighting Words (the zombie balloons). I opted to use a manga-style balloon similar to that used by Nate Piekos on Atland.

That's where I am now with the page. Look for more updates as I reach the next steps.

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